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Offered For Sale

Sugar $1000.00

Awesome Possum $2500.00
Jessica Babydoll $1750.00
Pampered Princess
Sugar $1000.00
Intrigueing Cat - price negotiable
Mousetrap $750.00
Gentlemans Call Girl $1200.00



14 yr old grade  mare.

We bought this mare back in March at auction and yes she had some problems which we have since pretty well resolved. She developed an infection from a dirty needle used to pull her coggins and needed her teeth floated. The infection is gone and she has gained weight. I trail rode her this summer and even went down the hi-way on her with friends to ride. She is fine with the traffic.  While she is pictured here with a novice child on board I recommend she have an experienced rider on her out riding trails as she sometimes wants to back up and go home. She has improved drastically in this and is much easier to get along with. She wouldnt cross a creek when she came to us and she does now. She refused to be bridled without a fight and now she is very easy to bridle. Her asking price reflects what we paid for her and does not take into account the work we put into her, making sure she was vaccinated and wormed and had her teeth taken care of the way they should be.  Sugar is easy to get along with and loads in the trailer in all circumstances with no problems. If you are looking for a horse just to ride every now and then she would be a great choice. She is good in a stall and doesn't get hyper when grained as so many horses do. I have clipped and bathed her with no problems. She loves attention and needs someone who will love her.